Infowars Signs On to Neocon Effort to Destroy Iran

Back in July the Trump administration launched a campaign to stir up unrest in Iran as part of an ongoing and intensified push to overthrow the mullahs and replace them with marionettes controlled by the United States. 

The MAGA crowd has jumped on the bandwagon. Trump, caught in his son-in-law’s Zionist voodoo trance, is calling for an overthrow of the Iranian government.

The core American principle of nonintervention, sabotaged at every turn since George Washington’s Farewell Address, is nowhere to be found. Trump toyed with the principle during his campaign—declaring his opposition to the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan—but the principle does not apply to Iran, a thorn for so long in Israel’s side. 

Now we have the tawdry spectacle of Infowars and Alex Jones supporting the neocon campaign to destroy Iran. 


On Wednesday, Jones interviewed Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, a little known former Iranian gameshow host, and leader of something called the Restart movement. 

Hosseini calls for killing members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and attacking Basij (Iran state militia) bases and government buildings as part of his plan to bring about the collapse of the government. 

Hosseini told Bloomberg in January he is seriously pragmatic about killing people in Iran, declaring there will be a violent revolution by any means possible. 

The former gameshow host has used the encrypted messaging app Telegram to call for violence. 

From Daily Beast:

Certain actions carried out by the group, including attacks on government buildings, breaking windows and setting fire to buildings, have attracted huge attention, as has the fact that those responsible for these attacks have scrawled the word “Restart” on their targets. Hosseini has been broadcasting messages to the people of Iran on Telegram, Instagram and other social media platforms since March 2016, urging them to “#restartIran”—and he has expressed hopes his movement will earn the support of the US government.

If it is indeed true Restart has millions of supporters, we can assume the neoliberal color regime folks—what Infowars calls globalist deep state—are assisting Hosseini. 

“Washington spent over $1 million trying to convert the [2017] protests into a push for regime change, and another $20 million on Voice of America’s Persian Service seeking to turn Iranians against the government,” writes Stansfield Smith. 

If you surf over to the Wikipedia page on Hosseini, you will see a photo of him taken during an interview with Voice of America, the propaganda service established by the CIA. 

Is it fair to say Infowars is now a conduit for deep state propaganda and a safe space for violent fantasy neocons? It sure looks that way. Alex Jones, however, has twisted this mess into a convoluted pretzel. The Sufi Hosseini is spreading “1776” populism, according to Jones. He will get rid of the mullahs and rule like the Persian conquer Cyrus.

Alex Jones considers himself a patriot, a constitutionalist, and a libertarian. He’s nothing of the sort. He is neocon-lite. He likes to put images of George Washington on his website while violating a key principle advocated by the first president—avoid entangling alliances with foreign countries. In other words, mind your own business. It would seem neocons are genetically incapable of doing so. 

Once upon a time, Infowars—where I was once an editor—was about shuttering the Federal Reserve, exposing the police state, and restoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Now it advocates on behalf of the violent apartheid state Israel, same as Breitbart. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

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