#GENSIX Talking Transhumanism With Archangel + Launching You Are Free Radio!

#GENSIX Talking Transhumanism With Archangel + Launching You Are Free Radio!

9/22 Join Archangel and You Are Free TV for a discussion about GENSIX Conference takeaways and the trans-humanist threat to human sovereignty.

Archangel created and runs Steem Punk Radio on the Steemit blockchain platform! You Are Free Radio is launching a live weekly show on Steem Punk Radio on Wednesdays (beginning 9/26) from 7-9pm Eastern. I Hope you enjoy the show! As I learn the platform, I will be able to accept calls from listeners, host interviews and of course deliver the news!

You can listen to the show here, Wed.’s 7-9pm EST:

Please support Archangel’s incredible community-building work in providing Steem Punk Radio as an uncensored platform for Freedom Lovers:

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Blessings to all of you Freedom Lovers! WE ARE FREE!

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